• The Cotton Gin

    10' x 24' Billboard

    This is one of a series of billboards designed for The Cotton Gin to introduce visitors to country, coastal living. The beautiful blue sky, white puffy clouds, decorative "breezy" graphics and iconic red siding with cupola are all prevalent on each billboard. Our client wanted visitors to know that they can experience the Outer Banks each and every day at The Cotton Gin.

  • The Cotton Gin

    10' x 32' Billboard

    Part of The Cotton Gin's "Everyday Outer Banks" series, this particular billboard gives visitors a little taste of what The Cotton Gin has to offer: fresh, stylish clothing and accessories.

  • The Cotton Gin

    10' x 28' Billboard

    This billboard was designed to promote the preppy and stylish Vineyard Vines clothing line available at The Cotton Gin. The goal was to sell the lifestyle. Ahh, to be young and sitting at the beach... on a branch... with three of your best friends...

  • The Cotton Gin - Wine Bottle

    10' x 32' Billboard

    Craving a bottle of wine? How about a 32-foot bottle? Our goal with this billboard was to catch the attention of motorists traveling to the Outer Banks and emphasize the availability of locally grown, Sanctuary Vineyards wine at The Cotton Gin. Not a single drop of wine was spilled hanging this billboard.

  • Sanctuary Vineyards

    10' x 24' Billboard

    With a wonderful selection of local wines, free tastings, tours, a gift shop and a location only minutes away from the ocean, Sanctuary Vineyards can only be described as the "Toast of the Coast." (Did you notice the play on words?)

  • Currituck Food & Wine Festival

    10' x 24' Billboard

    Sanctuary Vineyards, which sponsored and hosted this annual festival in Currituck County, hired us to design a billboard that reflected the essence of the event. Wine, food and music! We also threw in a wine barrel background to create a "bluegrass feel." The billboard is down now, but the celebration may still be going on.

  • Election Sign - Richard Maddox

    4' x 8' Sign

    This sign was part of an overall campaign for Richard Maddox as he ran for the Virginia Beach City Council. By the way, he won. He would say the victory was based on his hard work and campaign principles, but we all know that the signs gave him the edge.

  • Crestline Hotels & Resorts, Inc.

    8” x 10” Backlit Posters

    The Virginia Beach Visitors Center rents space to resort hotels to display posters to attract last-minute, drive-in guests. These posters must be simple with bold, eye-catching photography emphasizing the amenities that set them apart from the competition.

  • Candy Kitchen

    Plane Banner

    Candy Kitchen wanted to tantalize beachgoers with an airplane banner displaying their delicious fudge and taffy. Colorful, bright and yummy!


In today’s mobile society, billboards are an effective way to generate name or product recognition with customers on the go. Because consumers usually get just a fleeting glimpse, your billboard design must be simple, direct and extremely eye-catching. Let Sunny Day’s graphic designers produce striking billboard artwork that you will be proud to have visible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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