• Rockafeller's Restaurant

    Restaurant Menus /
    Take Out Menu / Website / Mailers

    This Virginia Beach restaurant uses an array of marketing materials that are coordinated and consistently branded to convey their “fresh local seafood” message to prospective guests. On their professionally designed collateral, Rockafeller’s clearly communicates their high standard in all of their endeavors by using the recurring colors, logos and taglines that are associated with their brand.

  • Nick’s Original
    House of Ribs

    Logo / Restaurant Menu /
    Take Out Menu / Website /
    Table Cards

    Nick’s Original House of Ribs has the best ribs in Ocean City, hands down. To highlight their more popular menu items, large photography was incorporated into the dinner, drink & late nite menus. A takeout menu that also functions as a promotional brochure rounds out the dining package. A new, responsive website ties all the collateral together.

  • Cotton Gin

    Brochure / Magazine Ads / Billboards

    By applying the same creative designs, copy and features to their compilation of professional marketing pieces, The Cotton Gin becomes instantly more memorable in the minds of their shoppers. Though their advertised products may change, the branding serves as a constant reminder that this is the “go-to” store in the Outer Banks.

  • Kinnakeet Shores Resort

    Multiple Media Pieces

    Kinnakeet Shores, the finest resort community on the Outer Banks, needed to develop a complete brand identity. Starting with a simple but distinctive logo, we included stationery, promo pieces, and a newsletter in their base media kit. An informational brochure was supplemented with rack cards personalized with each salesperson’s information.

  • The Fudgery

    Sales Materials and Packaging

    The Fudgery is a national interactive retail chain that is committed to combining amazing fudge with a fun customer experience. In addition to their brochure and catalog, the Fudgery needed bags, boxes and cups designed to capture the whimsy and excitement of their store.

  • Sarasota Bay Explorers

    Logo, Stationery and Brochure

    Sarasota Bay Explorers in Sarasota, FL, was looking for something bright and colorful that evoked the idea of a Sea Life Eco Tour. This logo was incorporated into letterhead, notepads and business cards. Brochure design was very important for Sarasota Bay to show visitors not only the myriad of activities but also the variety of sea life on the tour.

  • Outer Banks Music Showcase

    Playbill, Rack Card and Show Calendar

    In addition to the Outer Banks Music Showcase Magazine, which is handed to all theater patrons, the Showcase needed additional materials to advertise nightly shows, holiday shows, and special guest performers. To fill that need, the theater used a rack card with a coupon, flyers, and a padded show schedule that was left with hotels for desk clerks and concierges to hand out to guests.

  • Dough Boy’s
    California Pizza

    Logo and Menu

    Palm trees, warm breezes and sweet pineapples bring to mind the idea of a tropical vacation, which is exactly the feeling Dough Boy’s wanted to convey to customers. That is why bright colors, vivid food imagery and tropical beaches are all used together in their extensive menu, which includes a lot more than just pizza.

Brand Identity

Conveying the right image to your customers through a sound branding strategy is crucial to your business’s success. At Sunny Day our number one job as graphic designers and marketing professionals is to create that consistent, professional visual image for your business. To establish the positive brand image that best reflects your company, we produce anything and everything you need including business cards, stationery, media kits, mailers, packaging and menus.

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