Ad Specifications & Submission

Advertisement Specifications

Printing: Four color web offset
Colors: Four color process
Screens: 133-150 line


Four color single page PDF files only
Resolution 300dpi
No other formats will be accepted

PDF File Submission Details

  • To achieve the best results, professional publishing software should be used. A few common programs are Adobe InDesign and QuarkXpress. Also, make sure your ad meets all of the proper size, color, font and resolution requirements.
  • Ad Sizes and InDesign Ad Templates can be found on the corresponding market page on this website. NOTE: Special Sections and Inserts may have different sizes. Please CONTACT US for specs. Also, if you are supplying a full-page or double truck ad for Sunny Day Guide to the Outer Banks please make sure you have used the non-bleed ad specifications, unless you have purchased a premium position in this guide.
  • Sunny Day Guide requires all supplied PDFs to have a compatibility of Acrobat 5.0 (PDF 1.4) or higher. Depending on how your ad is created and with what Adobe CS filters, if a lower compatibility PDF is supplied your ad may not print correctly.
  • All PDFs are run through our preflight system that, upon passing, will certify your PDF. To insure a successful certification of your PDF, Download our Acrobat Distiller Options.
  • If your ad contains RGB images, they will be converted to CMYK in the preflight process. We cannot be held responsible for any color shift that takes place in this process.

QR Code Program

If your client has purchased a half-page ad or larger and is participating in our QR Code program, you will need to leave a white, 0.725 inch SQUARE where you want the QR code placed in the ad. Sunny Day Guide will generate and place the QR code in this white square. No proof will be provided.

Supplying your client’s QR code

Code artwork MUST be one color (BLACK), vector or 300dpi image and a minimum of one-inch square! Make sure you place your QR code information inside the Live area!

Reference Your Coupons

If you have included a coupon in your ad, please make sure you know if your ad will be a left hand or right hand page to avoid having your offer trapped in the gutter. If you are not including a coupon in your ad but have a bonus coupon in the coupon section of the guide, please reference the bonus coupon in your ad (Example: See Our Bonus Coupon). We encourage you to include the actual coupon for better redemption.

Color Proof Supplied at 100%

If your ad is “color critical,” you need to supply a high-end, contract color proof for color match on press. Publisher will make every effort to match an acceptable color proof, however we cannot be held responsible for color match on press.

Mind the Gutter

If you are supplying a double truck ad, please make sure you have allowed for a 3/16" gutter in the center.

Ad Portal

  • Submit ads through our online file processing and verification system,
  • In order to upload an ad you will need to first create a free account. This account will allow you to submit an ad to any of our publications, as well as providing complete access to the history and details of all your ad transactions. Then follow the directions on the site to upload your ad.

For more information contact Scott Maccubbin at 757-797-3889 or