Cathy Waltrip

Account Executive

With over 35 years of hospitality and tourism marketing experience throughout the Williamsburg area Cathy clearly understands the needs of the local tourism market as well as what the visitor wants from a publication. Her employment with the Virginia Tourism Corporation gave her an in-depth understanding into the interests of the state’s visitors. Through her frequent interaction and communication with tourists at some of the busiest state welcome centers, she was able to learn what information travelers are seeking and the type of advertising that appeals to them. This experience gives Cathy a special and unique understanding of the tourism industry that she can share with her clients.

Cathy also started a marketing services company to help local tourism businesses succeed. She focuses on increasing clients’ market share through finding and selling to their target audiences with niche marketing, highly visible promotions, print distribution and open communication. Her simple belief has always been to be available for clients, offer suggestions and recommendations whenever possible and always keep communication lines flowing.

With the opening of a sales position with the Colonial Guide, Cathy realized this would be the ideal way for her to offer support and assistance to the tourism industry. “I welcome the opportunity to help others who are looking to grow their business with the best advertising vehicle that I believe to be available in the area.” Her laid back and folksy approach is one of her personal trademarks and she hopes to hear from new and old friends in the coming years.

Cathy has served on the board of the Greater Williamsburg Chamber & Tourism Alliance and is also a past treasurer for the organization. She is a recipient of the chamber’s Williamsburg Area Tourism Professional Award, as well as the Roll of the Drum award for her outstanding service and contributions to the Williamsburg region. For two consecutive years, the chamber also named her Ambassador of the Year. With the local hotel and motel association, Cathy served both as president and on the board for several years, in addition to leading their marketing and advertising campaigns. She also served as an executive director of the regional hospitality association for 10 years, which included initiating a robust reservation booking system for hotels, attractions and restaurants, as well as developing a community website for the tourism industry.

In her free time, she enjoys being with her family. Cathy has a soft spot for dogs and has adopted three, including a rare Brussels Griffon terrier from a local rescue organization.

Call Cathy at 757-689-6220.