Chuck Kaiser

Senior Art Director

Chuck found his way to Sunny Day Guide via Phoenix, Arizona where he worked for a Scottsdale graphic design firm. He arrived in Virginia Beach on a Friday in April of 1990. He interviewed with Bill Blue and Clark Winslow on the following Monday and started at what was then Sunny Day Magazine on Tuesday (so much for taking some time to unwind on the beach after his cross-country journey). In that interview, Chuck’s famous words to Clark and Bill were, “I may just be passing through. I’m not quite sure whether Virginia Beach is where I want to stay.”

Flash forward to present day...Chuck is now the Senior Art Director for an Art Department that has grown from 3 to 13 over that time. He loves putting on his fire hat to problem-solve for clients and help them improve their marketing strategies. He still is very hands-on, whether it’s designing an ad, retouching images in Photoshop, taking photos or working directly with a client to achieve the desired results. As Sunny Day has evolved into more of an interactive/digital medium, Chuck has taken on the additional role of the creative behind Sunny Day’s Video Production.

Chuck earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Youngstown State University, in Youngstown, Ohio. His major was in Advertising Art with a minor in Marketing.

Chuck still enjoys the fact that on some days he can text a photo of the beach to his wife, Jenna and tell her...”I’m at work today, honey!”

Call Chuck at 757-797-3869.