Johnnie Duckworth

Account Executive

As a Branson marketing veteran with over 25 years of experience, Johnnie has worked diligently to help promote and grow all different types of area businesses. Working closely with each client to help deliver their message is one of the favorite parts of her job. She also enjoys building a personal relationship with each and every customer. “All of my clients are like my best friends. No matter what size business they have, each and every advertiser is special to me. I want them to be successful,” says Johnnie.

With a combination of effective ad design and excellent customer service, Johnnie maintains a 90 percent retention rate of advertisers; in fact, she has many clients that have been doing business with her for as many as 25 years, several of which have been in Branson since its start as a tourist destination.

Johnnie realizes the importance of providing visitors with information that will greatly enhance their Branson vacations. Knowing this, she also works closely with the area hotels and other accommodations to make sure these guests are getting everything they need.

Johnnie moved to the Ozarks in 1980 and worked in the Springfield market for 12 years, managing a business and doing all its marketing buys. She eventually moved to direct advertising sales in Branson for the Springfield newspaper. She joined Sunny Day Guide in 1992 as the Branson guide sales rep, and the rest is history. Johnnie lives near Ozark on a small 11-acre ranch with horses, dogs, a cat and lots of wildlife. She has two married children and one grandchild, enjoys staying active and doesn’t feel a day over 40!

Call Johnnie at 757-689-1064.