Rob Twine


Rob was fortunate to realize at an early age that he should pursue a career that he thoroughly enjoys. Photography was a significant hobby as a young adult, making it a natural choice.

He graduated from Brooks Institute of Photographic Sciences in 1979 and has not looked back. “Photography has afforded me the opportunity to experience many different people, places, and things, and I would not trade those experiences,” he comments.

Rob has worked with Sunny Day Guide since 1994. His experience in working with a vast variety of clients and their photographic needs has allowed him to develop and hone his skill as a commercial photographer. He strongly believes that although some circumstances may seem similar, every client has a special need and presents a new challenge.

He adds, “Early in my career, an art director told me, ‘You are only as good as your last shot.’ I try to live by those words in the work I do. After all, my name goes on it.”

Call Rob at 1-800-786-6932 ext. 307.